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A Selection of My Artwork

Below are some examples of my artwork from over the years.

My portfolio includes a huge range of disciplines, including acrylic paints, pencil, coloured pencils, watercolour, inks, graphite, charcoal and conte crayon. I also dabble in wood turning vases, decorative curtain pulls and comfort birds.

Contact me regarding any pieces you are interested in buying. Some items are available as originals or we can negotiate prints ‘to order’.

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Ink Elephant

A4 Ink drawing. Original £85 (frame and mount not included) prints available to order

Charcoal Stag

A4 charcoal drawing on stained watercolour paper £80 original (frame not included) prints available on request

Charcoal Lion Looking Up

Charcoal lion A4. £80 original (frame and mounting not included) prints available on request.
Wolf in charcoal

Wolf in charcoal

Black and white charcoal on A4 grey paper. Original price £90, or prints to order.

Pet watercolour

Portrait in coloured pencil by Bexcat Arts

Portrait in coloured pencils

Tiger painted in acrylics

Tiger painted in Acrylics on canvas. 60cmx40cm. £255 original. Also available as prints to order.
acrylic lion on canvas by Bexcat Arts

Lion in acrylic

Lion painted in acrylic on canvas. 61cmx45cm. £285 original. Also available as prints to order.
Monroe in conte crayon by Bexcat Arts

Monroe in conte crayon

Marilyn Monroe, sepia conte crayon on A2 cartridge paper. SOLD
Monroe in charcoal by Bexcat Arts

Monroe in charcoal

Marilyn Monroe in charcoal. Available as prints to order.

Charcoal Lion on canvas

Lion in charcoal on canvas board. £180 original. Also available as prints to order.
Top Gun in pencil by Bexcat Arts

Top Gun in pencil

Contact me

If you have seen a piece for sale that you would like to buy, please get in touch. We can then discuss pricing and delivery options.


Do you have a pet or loved one that you would like transforming into a piece of artwork? Perhaps to hang on your wall, or give as a gift?

Get in touch to arrange your creation today!

artwork commission of pet spaniel by Bexcat Arts

Bexcat Arts

Bexcat Arts is a wildlife and portrait artist, creating artwork for personal and commissioned projects.

Visit my Redbubble store to purchase some of my framed artwork and merchandise including t-shirts, mugs and more!

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